Expect Simon Kinberg To Write Next X-Men Film If He Does Indeed Direct

Over the past few weeks, discussion surrounding the next mainline X-Men movie has begun reaching critical mass. Granted, the release of Logan probably has a lot to do with that, but it stands to reason that moviegoers will always want to know what lies ahead for one of the most popular superhero franchises to grace the silver screen in recent decades.

While it’s certainly no secret that Simon Kinberg has been one of the guiding hands of the mutants’ cinematic exploits for some time now, many have looked to him to helm the next proper team-up film now that Bryan Singer has vacated the director’s chair, at least for the time being. Sure, Kinberg said that previous reports of him getting behind the camera were, in fact, premature, but it doesn’t seem like he’s ruled out taking the gig in the slightest.

In a recent interview with Deadline, he played it coy, but did say that he has no intention of giving up life as a screenwriter should he direct:

“I’ve read those reports. If I were to direct, I would certainly write. As someone who started his career as a writer then transitioned into being a writer-producer, when I make that transition into directing, I would definitely want to be the writer as well. It’s because I can’t imagine directing something that I didn’t create myself. Having made many great movies, the ones I feel the most emotionally connected to are the ones I wrote.”

You have to admit that does make a lot of sense, because the X-Men movie in question would hypothetically be his baby. Whatever the future may hold, just don’t count on the flick being subtitled “Supernova.”