Expect A Surprise Or Two With The Batmobile In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Zack Snyder has a surprise or three up his sleeve when it comes to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that much we know. From the rumored cameos to the hushed whispers regarding the film’s true villain, moviegoers and fans alike have ruminated on every possible story trinket in the director’s upcoming superhero showdown.

One element that has perhaps been overlooked since it torn through the streets of Detroit many moons ago is Bruce Wayne’s vehicular companion, the Batmobile.


Not since it was formally revealed has the hulking supercar been the topic of conversation, though Snyder’s recent interview with IGN ought to change all of that. For those believing they have the Batmobile all sussed out – a sleeker, more militarized departure from Nolan’s Tumbler, for a start – think again. According tot the director himself, there are a few surprises lurking beneath the hood, and Snyder is keen to keep those secrets under wraps until Dawn of Justice makes its bow in early 2016.

“The new Batmobile is super fast and is purpose built which I like. We imagine that Batman built it over time, you know, with parts from Wayne Industries or something. He’s made it specifically for the job of fighting crime. I’m not gonna give it away, but it does a lot of cool stuff in the movie…”

A purpose built behemoth, there’s no question that the Batmobile will play an integral role in the feature film – you know, even if it can’t prevent an out-of-control alien from ripping its doors off from the hinges.

All will hopefully be revealed when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice lands in theaters – and jump-starts the DC Expanded Universe in the process – on March 25, 2016.