The Expendables 4 Locked In For An April 2019 Production Start


There’s much to look forward to over the next year or so for fans of Sylvester Stallone. After agreeing to headline Rambo 5, which is currently set for a theatrical release next September, we also know that he’s officially locked in for The Expendables 4. That news came after much back and forth, with the actor’s alleged fallout with Nu Image/Millennium chairman Avi Lerner casting doubt over a possible fourth appearance from the cigar-chomping Barney Ross.

But even if there were traces of bad blood, it seems all is ok in The Expendables camp. Which is just as well, considering filming on the star-studded blockbuster is expected to kick off in Bulgaria. Though we initially heard that production would get underway as soon as this summer, we’re now learning that things have been pushed back a bit, with the pic said to be going in front of cameras in April of 2019 instead to make room for Stallone to shoot the aforementioned Rambo 5 first.

Or so says Omega Underground, who’ve confirmed the timeframe. Unfortunately, that’s all the outlet had to report on, but if production truly is set to begin when they claim it will, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we start hearing more about what the studio’s got planned.

Of course, the million-dollar question is who will jump back on the bandwagon in time for Expendables 4? Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren are the safe bets, though we imagine the likes of Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, and Star Wars legend Harrison Ford have bid adieu to the franchise.

Ditto for Bruce Willis, who was originally scheduled to reprise his role in The Expendables 3 before a messy fall out with Stallone. And Arnie? Well, he said he would only return if Sly was back on board, so at least there’s that.

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