Randy Couture Says The Expendables 4 Is Gearing Up For A Summer Shoot

Expendables 3

Not to be outdone by Tim Miller’s redo of The Terminator, it’s looking increasingly likely that The Expendables 4 is gearing up for a summer shoot in Bulgaria.

At least, that’s according to Toll Road himself, Randy Couture, who told The Arnold Fans (h/t Screen Rant) that filming is due to commence in August – assuming Sylvester Stallone and his army of old-school action heroes can stick to the current schedule.

A late summer start date would surely place The Expendables 4 on course for a release late next year; however, as screenwriter Gregory Poirier is currently the only creative person attached to the balls-to-the-walls action sequel – that we know of, mind you – there’s still a lot of things that need to be ironed out before Stallone’s rumored follow-up can get off the ground.

Here’s the latest on The Expendables 4, courtesy of Couture:

I’m excited about Expendables 4. Right now, we’re scheduled to start filming in August and hopefully we’re able to stay on schedule. It sounds like we’re coming back to Bulgaria, which is exciting. I’ve spend a lot of time in Sofia and Varna and I’m excited to come back. I love the people (there), I love the food and I’m excited to come back.

Now for the million-dollar question: who will return alongside Randy Couture and Sylvester Stallone? Who will jump back on the bandwagon in time for Expendables 4? Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren are the safe bets, though we imagine the likes of Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, and Star Wars legend Harrison Ford have bid adieu to the franchise. Ditto for Bruce Willis, who was originally scheduled to reprise his role in The Expendables 3 before a messy fall out with Stallone.

So, there you have it; further proof that The Expendables 4 is a thing that exists. And we’ll likely learn more about Stallone’s direction for the forthcoming sequel as that purported start date begins to loom.