The Terminator Reboot Sets Sights On Summer Start Date


Filming on The Terminator reboot will begin in June and last until the middle of October, according to franchise veteran and current T-800, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Austrian Oak recently sat down for an interview with The Arnold Fans (h/t Screen Rant), and it was here that Arnie reaffirmed that planned summer start date. He also went on to clarify James Cameron’s involvement in the long-anticipated revival, who is said to be “supervising the whole thing” for Paramount Pictures – hardly surprising, given his contribution to the series stretches all the way back to the 1984 classic.

But fast forward 45 years, and The Terminator franchise is prepped and ready to be rebooted…again. Said Schwarzenegger:

We are starting to shoot Terminator 6 in June to the middle of October, so I am in that. I am looking forward to coming back as the T-800 model. It’s gonna be great with Tim Miller as the director and Jim Cameron is kind of supervising the whole thing.

It’s the sixth canonical installment in The Terminator saga, and we can only hope it adopts a better title than Genisys, Alan Taylor’s doomed reboot that was once supposed to ignite a new trilogy of its own.

This time around, Cameron and director Tim Miller (Deadpool) have reportedly settled on a female protagonist by the name of ‘Dani Ramos’, who will be starring opposite Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the aforementioned T-800. And while there’s still no mention of which actress will fill the coveted role, we recently caught wind of some precious intel relating to Sarah Connor 2.0:

Dani Ramos is a young woman in her early 20s from Mexico City. She was brought up in a working-class neighborhood, is independent and believes strongly in family. She’s more street-smart than book smart and is a woman who always manages to find a ray of light even in the darkest of circumstances.

The Terminator reboot will spark into life on July 26th, 2019.