Experience The Cage Rage In New Trailer For Revenge Actioner

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Judging by his resume in recent years, Nicolas Cage has an axe to grind. Has he suffered an injustice in his personal life? Who knows – but two things are for certain: he’s all about payback, and short, one-word titles. We’ve had Stolen, we’ve had Trespass, and we’ve had Justice (alright, it was known as Seeking Justice in the US.) Now, we have his latest cinematic effort, Rage (previously titled Tokarev), and it appears to be treading similar ground as evidenced in the newest trailer released today.

The distinctly Taken-esque plot revolves around Paul Maguire (Cage), a reformed criminal whose daughter is kidnapped by Russian mobsters. The wise choice might be to give Interpol a call, but Maguire’s steely pride gets in the way. As it should – as the ‘napping is payback for his earlier crimes. Rallying a troupe of his former crew, against the advice of a local cop, they embark on a mission to retrieve his daughter. No doubt like rabid, savage beasts if the impressive knife collection on the film’s poster is anything to go by.  You can scope out the new preview, below.

The very fact that it’s already scheduled for initial release on demand suggests that even the studio aren’t holding out hope. Which is a shame, as even if it’s a pile of old bunkum, there’s still legions of Cage fans who love nothing more than to see the man lose his shit. Heck, there’s even a mash-up dedicated to his outbursts. From the looks of this latest trailer, it might be re-edited once Rage is released.

Directed by Paco Cabazes (Neon Flesh, and upcoming Joe Landis-scripted action comedy Mr. Right), and written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller, Rage co-stars Danny Glover, Rachel Nichols and Peter Stormare.

Rage is available in the U.S. on demand from June 10th, and in cinemas from July 11th.