Ezra Miller Promises Flashpoint Will Tear DCEU Asunder


Just a few months ago, it looked like Ezra Miller’s The Flash solo movie was going to languish in development hell, after numerous directors such as Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa had ditched the project. However, back at this summer’s SDCC, it was announced that the movie had been revitalized as Flashpoint, something that peaked fans’ attentions.

You see, Flashpoint was a major DC comics event in 2011 which saw Barry Allen rewrite history by saving his mother from her death when he was a child. This caused the timeline to go completely off-the-rails, with the DC universe transformed into a war-torn dystopia. Eventually, Barry got things roughly back on track – but in doing so he rebooted DC continuity, beckoning in the controversial New 52.

As the DC Extended Universe is only a few films old, it wasn’t clear how much of the comic event’s importance would be kept for the movie adaptation. However, Miller has spoken to EW to give an update on Flashpoint and promised that it would go all in on the “headache-inducing” complexity of the original storyline.

“What fans understand when they hear Flashpoint would be almost like hearing a word like ‘Crisis.’ We start to understand that our precious DC universe will inevitably be torn asunder to an endless, headache-inducing fabric of multiversality. The DC Hyper-Extended Multiverse, as I plan to call it. Quote me!”

This is definitely reassuring to hear for DC fans. After all, the movie could have played fast and loose with the source material. Remember how loosely The CW’s The Flash tackled it in its third season? By the sounds of things, though, Flashpoint will be as massive to this cinematic universe as it was to the comics. But will it completely reboot things in a Days of Future Past sort of way?

Time will tell, but for now, you can catch Ezra Miller making his first proper debut as the Flash in Justice League, which is in theaters tomorrow.