Ezra Miller Won’t Confirm If The DCEU’s Recasting Batman And Superman


While they may have teamed up for the shambling monstrosity that was Justice League, it doesn’t look like any of the film’s heroes are due to appear on screen together anytime soon. Warner Bros.’ rumored decision to refocus the DCEU (or Worlds of DC, if they’re calling it that this week) on solo movies rather than crossovers means that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman have standalone outings in the pipeline that are disconnected from the other League members, while the future looks pretty bleak for further appearances from Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

One character currently in a somewhat grey area though is Ezra Miller’s Flash, due to a number of false starts on a solo movie for Barry Allen, which is currently delayed until 2020 to allow Miller to complete work on the Fantastic Beasts films. Now, for at least the last year, most of the DCEU stars have been besieged by questions from journalists eager to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes. From the outside it looks like chaos, so there must be some pretty juicy drama, right?

Well, Miller was asked by Playboy about the future of his Flash movie and what the real story is, and here’s what he shared:

“Nothing is ever certain in this world, but as certain as things get, we’re making a fucking crazy-dope Flash movie, it’s one of my great life dreams, and just the fact that we’re on the way—anyone who knows about Barry Allen knows he may arrive late, very late, but once he gets there, it’s all solved. We have to trust.”

And on the DCEU at large and the status of Affleck and Cavill as the World’s Finest? Well, he wouldn’t say much and refused to confirm that the two actors have departed their roles.

“When there are these leaks of information—or however people get stuff—it’s pretty unreliable.”

The Playboy interviewer went on to say that the actor was cagey when giving the response, as if he doesn’t want to give speculating hacks (for the record, I recognize that includes me) more gristle for their mills. But, you know, there is one easy way for Warner Bros. to stop their stars being pestered with questions they don’t want to answer. And that’s to be a bit more transparent about what your plans are. Right now, their Chemical Ali style denials that everything is hunky dory in the DCEU simply don’t hold water.

We can handle the truth about both Batman and Superman, whatever it may be, so just give it to us straight.