Ezra Miller Video Is Reportedly Genuine, Described As Serious Altercation

The Flash

The internet was rocked yesterday when a video apparently featuring Ezra Miller choking a fan went viral. The event took place at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the actor is due to start filming Fantastic Beasts 3 once the coronavirus outbreak has passed, with it appearing that the star lost his temper with a female fan who seems to have been attempting to initiate a play-fight. Given the fact that the woman is smiling in the video though, many have wondered if this was some kind of set-up or joke.

Well, according to intel shared by Variety, the situation is a serious one. The trade reached out to the owner of the establishment in question, Mr. Prikið Kaffihús, who confirmed that what transpired between Miller and the group of fans was “a serious altercation.” The actor – whose identity was doubly-confirmed by the owner, just in case there was any doubt – was escorted off the premises following the choking incident.

For further context, Mr. Kaffihús told Variety that Miller has been a frequent customer of his bar during his time in Reykjavik and he’s previously had no prior problems with him. On this occasion, however, this group of “eager” fans approached him and were described as being “quite pushy.” This led things to “escalate” and Miller “losing his temper at one woman in particular.” The Justice League star is said to have been “upset and angry” when he was removed from the establishment.

The spread of the video depicting this “serious altercation” has stirred up a storm of bad press for Miller, with fan opinion souring against him. Many are now calling for him to be replaced as Barry Allen in Warner Bros.’ upcoming The Flash, maybe even with The CW’s Grant Gustin. There’s even a petition going around about it.

At this point, either Ezra Miller or the studio probably needs to release some kind of statement to clear up this mess. As yet, though, neither has made any comment.