Ezra Miller’s Flash Solo Movie Delayed Once Again


For the fastest man on Earth, the Flash is getting kinda late. First announced back in 2014, Warner Bros. said that the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo outing would land in 2018 and star Ezra Miller. Since then, the project has been in development hell and gone through a number of directors, with the film’s problems compounded by the studio reevaluating their DCEU plans after the failure of Justice League and Miller being busy with the ongoing Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Now, it seems that The Flash has been delayed once again. The reason for this is once more Fantastic Beasts-related, too, as the third installment of the series has been confirmed to begin its shoot in Spring 2020. That should go on for some time, leaving Miller tied up in the Wizarding World until late 2020 or early 2021. This means The Flash could be given a 2022 release date at the earliest.

That’s if the project goes ahead at all. Miller did confirm in August that he was still attached to the character, with IT: Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti on board as well. But will people still care by then? After all, it’s not like anyone is looking back fondly on Justice League (unless Warner Bros. do the right thing and release the Snyder cut) and that number will drop to even less by 2022. Presumably, the studio will be hoping that Miller can carry the property in the same way Jason Momoa carried Aquaman to a billion dollar box office gross.

In any case, I really hope they get this film into theaters. Miller was a great Flash and I think the limits and potential of the hero’s power set haven’t been fully explored in live-action. As such, I’d love to see some of the crazier storylines be adapted that get into what it’s really like to possess the Speed Force and be able to move so fast you can vibrate between atoms.