Could Ezra Miller’s “Post-Apocalyptic” Costume Be Tech-Based In The Flash?


It’s been a busy week for DC’s Expanded Universe, as Warner Bros. places all hands at the pump to drive up excitement during this weekend’s New York Comic-Con event. Indeed, it’s been of particular importance for DC’s The Flash, as not only is The CW banging the drum as season 2 of their hit show unrolls on the small-screen, but early reports are beginning to emerge relating to Warner’s 2018 standalone film.

Placing We Need to Talk About Kevin alum Ezra Miller in the suit as the title speedster – better known to you, I and the remainder of Central City as the Fastest Man Alive – the feature is still a ways away, but that hasn’t stopped Den of Geek from unearthing a new rumor regarding Miller’s costume.


Some months ago, we brought you the news that Ezra Miller himself described the suit worn by his Barry Allen as “post-apocalyptic,” along with a few other interesting tidbits. Now, Den of Geek has contributed to the brewing pot of speculation by claiming that DC’s cinematic take on the character will introduce fans to a costume that is “tech-based.”

This is all in an effort to distance the movie version from The CW’s aforementioned – and widely popular – series, with the outlet noting that Miller’s Barry Allen will purportedly build the suit himself, designing a guise that will look and feel more like armor than the one donned by Grant Gustin on the small screen. It certainly makes sense, and as soon as Warner Bros. confirmed that both the TV series and Miller’s movie will be two separate entities, fans began speculating on how the studio will differentiate the pair.

Ezra Miller will assume the mantle of the Fastest Man Alive when The Flash zips into theaters on March 23, 2018. As revealed earlier in the week, novelist Seth Grahame-Smith has emerged as frontrunner to helm the standalone piece, though there’s no word on the scribe committing to the project at this time.