The Witcher Faces Off Against Superman In Awesome Henry Cavill Fan Art


A common conversation topic amongst nerds is arguing over who would win in a fight between two different characters, typically ones with similar powers and skillsets, such as Darkseid or Thanos (Darkseid), the Thing or the Hulk (the Hulk), and Hawkeye or Green Arrow (debatable). A new possibility put forward by some fan art though is characters facing each other who are linked by having both been played by Henry Cavill, namely Superman and The Witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia.

The artwork (seen below) is the creation of digital artist Eren Gürocak, showing Geralt in the foreground of the image while Kal-El is further back and far smaller, which intentional or not is kind of appropriate as Cavill will be continuing to play the Witcher for several years, while his future as Superman is currently up in the air, so to speak.

As for the throwdown itself, typically in any fight where one of the combatants is the Big Blue Boy Scout the outcome is not in question, and unless Geralt has a Kryptonite dagger you’d think he wouldn’t stand a chance. However, for all of Superman’s overpowered set of invulnerabilities, he still has a notable susceptibility to magic, and fans of the adventures of the Witcher will be well aware that he has some degree of competency in it.

As with all interpretations of a superhero’s strengths and limitations, it’s been applied inconsistently over the years, leading to periodic arguments over whether or not it counts as a true weakness of Superman. While Geralt’s magical talents are considerably less apocalyptic than those of the likes of Yennifer or Triss, there are a number of combat ‘signs’ he can utilize that would give him an edge over his already greatly enhanced physical abilities, and with his entire life revolving around fighting things that are bigger and more powerful than him, battling an alien being with great speed and superhuman strength is not far off a typical Tuesday for him, making the fight far closer than you might think at first thought.

Of course, we’re never going to see Superman crop up in the fantasy world of the Continent and face Geralt, so you can argue for the victory of either character since it’ll never be canonically addressed.