Here’s How Dwayne Johnson Could Look As Saitama In One Punch Man Movie

One Punch Man

It’s been proven over the last few years that Dwayne Johnson is capable of almost anything, and if some fan art for the recently announced live-action version of One Punch Man is accurate, that includes playing an average-sized Japanese man.

The story of One Punch Man follows Saitama, the most powerful being in a world full of superheroes, villains and monsters. His apparently limitless strength and invulnerability have left him bored and nonchalant of fighting enemies, as he can defeat almost anyone he encounters with a single punch, and so constantly searches for a challenge that few can give him. The series partially acts as a parody of shonen anime whose heroes often grow to godlike levels of might, so in having its protagonist already begin with such power, he’s left less concerned about battling everyday villains and more with being able to pay his rent or walk to the shops without having to intervene in yet another incident.

The image below shows Johnson in Saitama’s superhero costume of a yellow jumpsuit and red gloves, his baldness already pronounced enough to match the overpowered hero. Disturbingly, Saitama’s eyes are superimposed over Johnson’s, giving his face an appearance you’re drawn to while simultaneously eager to look away from. The photo also shows Kevin Hart as Saitama’s friend and self-appointed disciple Genos, a young man whose entire body has been replaced by powerful cybernetic enhancements that afford him multiple abilities in addition to enhanced strength, speed and durability.

While Dwayne Johnson’s physicality, charisma and versatility make him suitable for many roles, this one might be a bit of a stretch. A running joke throughout the series sees Saitama’s victories going unrecognized in part due to his unassuming appearance preventing anyone from believing he’s powerful enough to have taken down the monstrosities he regularly defeats. Johnson, however, as a 6’ 5” wall of muscle is a far more imposing presence and considerably more difficult to dismiss physically.

While live-action versions of hugely popular anime often don’t turn out as well as their animated counterparts – see the likes of Attack On Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist or Dragonball Evolution, to name a few – the character focus of One Punch Man has the potential to be a lot of fun, assuming the casting is done right.