Here’s How Scarlett Johansson Could Look As The Female Loki


Ever imagined what Loki would look like if he were played by Scarlett Johansson instead of Tom Hiddleston? Me neither, but someone has answered the call nonetheless.

Instagram artist MarvelFX has realized their idea of what the Loki/Johansson crossover would look like and you can have a gander at the image via the gallery below:

Who knows, perhaps somewhere in the multiverse MarvelFX’s female version of Loki is doing battle alongside Tom Hiddleston’s version of Black Widow? In the interests of equality, can I request that edit, too? Also, it’d be very funny. Less liberal agenda more seeing straight man Tom Hiddleston in drag.

For a film universe as intrinsically camp as Marvel’s, there are nowhere near enough crossdressing superheroes. Robert Downey Jr. has already pulled it off in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and if a character as fusty as the Great Detective can do it, any of the MCU’s exuberant tribe could, too.

Captain America, for one, is the most latently homo hetero hero modern cinema has seen. And then there’s all the Freudian mirth of Thor’s hammer. Let’s face it, they’re all having a pretty gay time of it. All I’m saying is why not embrace it more openly? Internet message boards are already drowning in the requisite material. You can finish off the punchline.

That’s today’s very, very serious psycho-social debate/endorsement now over. It’s been the gayest 250 words of my writing career, and once you’ve started it’s very, very hard to stop. Got to contain myself. I’m a professional writer, after all. Professional writers go to work, write very sincerely about very important things, return to their keywords (Loki) and then return home with a job well done. Frivolity is for frauds, and there’ll be no more hanky-panky from here on out. You have my word.

Source: Instagram