A Fan Favorite Mutant Is Reportedly On Their Way To The MCU


Fans were rightfully excited when Disney finalized their takeover of Fox, putting the rights to the X-Men in the hands of Marvel Studios, but there are still a huge number of questions surrounding how exactly Kevin Feige and his team plan on introducing the concept of mutants into their delicately balanced cinematic ecosystem that’s existed for well over a decade.

Everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is meticulously laid out years in advance, and suddenly having to explain what mutants are and why they’ve remained unheard of and unseen for so long will need to be handled incredibly carefully instead of simply deciding to throw the X-Men at the big screen as soon as possible solely in the name of fan service.

There’s already been almost constant speculation about how, when, where and why Marvel’s newest acquisitions will eventually make their long-awaited debut, although the general consensus is that it might not be until Phase Six at the earliest. One potential avenue though could be slowly bringing mutants in one at a time to first establish them in the MCU before eventually building towards a full-blown X-Men movie, and now insider Daniel Richtman has hinted that fan favorite Firestar could be one of the first to appear.

While no more details are known as of yet, Richtman has a hugely reliable track record when it comes to MCU-related insider information, and it would also be a smart move on the studio’s part to bring in a character that’s never been seen in live-action before. The costumed alter-ego of Angelica Jones was originally created for the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated show, but has since gone on to become an integral part of the comic book universe.

Looking at Firestar’s history, there’s any number of places she could show up if Richtman’s scoop turns out to be correct. Not only are there the obvious Spider-Man and X-Men connections, but she’s also crossed paths with many of the MCU‘s marquee superheroes over the years and was even a member of the Avengers at one stage, making the possibilities almost limitless.