Fan-Made Deadpool Video Pinpoints 100 Easter Eggs, Secret Cameos And References


Prior to release, Ryan Reynolds himself claimed that Deadpool featured no less than 100 easter eggs, cameos, and fan service references, leading Mr. Sunday Movies to pull together a comprehensive breakdown of Tim Miller’s record-shattering feature to find each and every one.

With that in mind, the video above is packed to the brim with spoilers, and should really only be viewed after you’ve seen Fox’s R-rated standalone feature to appreciate all the winks and nods.


From the more overt references including the X-Mansion and the Blackbird, to subtle nods toward the creators that helped bring Deadpool to the silver screen in the first place – Stan Lee’s announcer included – there’s an awful lot crammed into the film’s running time, almost demanding a second viewing.

Looking further afield, talksĀ concerning Deadpool‘s future are well underway. First and foremost, we’ll see a direct sequel to the Merc With a Mouth’s debut in the next two-to-three years, one which is set to include the musclebound Cable. There’s also suggestions that the follow-up could facilitate an ensemble movie based on the X-Force, after Ryan Reynolds labelled the anti-hero team as a priority and scribe Simon Kinberg hinted that it could also be in line to secure an R rating.

Deadpool is out in theaters now and with a sequel confirmed to be on the way, you can check out our selection of characters we’d like to see in Fox’s follow-up.

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