Fan-Made Trailer For Deadpool 2 Adds Cable, Domino And Spider-Man To The Mix


Despite how much fans wanted Deadpool to become a reality, no one could have ever predicted that the movie would be as critically and financially successful as it ended up being back in February. Needless to say, it didn’t exactly take Fox long to give a sequel the green light.

Deadpool himself confirmed that we’ll see Cable in the follow-up, while rumours point to Domino making an appearance as well. Beyond that, we honestly have no idea what to expect, but you’d best believe that the sequel will have a much higher budget given the success of the record breaking R-Rated release.

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And so, while we wait for something official about Deadpool 2 to be revealed by Fox, we thankfully have this very cool fan-made trailer to keep us going. Using footage from the first instalment along with shots of Kyle Chandler (who’s rumoured to be up for the role of Cable) and a cosplayer as Domino, we’re given an early glimpse of how the highly anticipated sequel may end up looking. Spider-Man makes a surprise appearance here as well, and while that particular team-up would no doubt be a dream come true for fans, it’s one that we’re unlikely to ever see happen.

The rights to Spider-Man are held by Sony Pictures instead of Fox, while Marvel Studios – who have creative control over the wall-crawler right now – are unlikely to let him appear in an R-Rated release like Deadpool 2. Still, stranger things have happened, so you never know.

Regardless, it’s a fun fan-made trailer that only adds to our excitement for the sequel. Be sure to give it a watch up above and let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the usual spot.