Fan-Made Trailer Presents Zack Snyder’s Version Of The Batman


Following the one-two punch of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the ill-fated Justice League, it’s fair to say that writer-director Zack Snyder has forged a deep understanding of Gotham’s Caped Crusader and, more specifically, Ben Affleck’s performance as Bats.

So while we’re excited to see a filmmaker of Matt Reeves’ caliber come in and craft his own rendition of the World’s Greatest Detective, we can’t help but wonder what Snyder’s version of The Batman would look like. Well, wonder no more, as video editor Jon Arryn Garza (h/t Heroic Hollywood) has cut together a really rather awesome trailer that imagines the director’s take on the upcoming DC solo movie. And it’s a doozy.

Pulling footage from The Dark Knight, Suicide Squad, Dawn of Justice and Batman Begins, it’s a pretty unique approach to the prospect of a Batman solo movie and yes, Ben Affleck is still in the title role – albeit with some shots from the Nolan trilogy. Feast thy eyes:

After much deliberation, it seems as though Affleck wants to remain in the DC Extended Universe for the foreseeable future. This U-turn, assuming its true, would surely mean that the actor will headline The Batman for Matt Reeves, before gobbling up roles in other DC projects like Gotham City Sirens, Flashpoint The Flash and maybe – just maybe – a direct sequel to Justice League.

The latter is yet to be confirmed, of course, though we’re now more concerned with how Ben Affleck’s involvement – or lack thereof – will impact The Flash solo movie. Word is the 2020 spinoff was on the verge of scrapping its Flashpoint story plan due to Affleck’s decision to vacate his role as Batman, leaving the onus on Ezra Miller’s Scarlett Speedster to take point. Again, though, we advise treating this rumor as just that.

More on The Batman as Matt Reeves’ standalone project falls into place.

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