Fan Petition To Bring Back Dredd Receives Official Support From 2000AD



Alex Garland’s Dredd resonated so strongly that fans have in the years following its release, rallied for a sequel. Now firmly entrenched in the realm of cult classic – a feat aided by the lengthy attempts to make said sequel – it might be time to admit defeat and simply enjoy the rollicking adventure Garland created. However, at least 136,000 diehard fans certainly don’t feel that way, as they’ve signed their names to a new petition entitled Bring Back Dredd.

Among its supporters is 2000 AD – the comics publisher who created the titular cop character. In fact, they haven’t just punched their fists in the air in agreement, they’ve joined the effort started by Dredd fans Frank Palmer and Brian Ritchie. The publisher’s one caveat? Dredd should be brought back in his own dedicated TV series on a streaming platform such as Netflix or Hulu.

Here’s the campaign’s mission statement:

“The clamour of the growing fanbase for more from the incredible world of the 2012 DREDD movie cannot be ignored. We call on TV and movie producers to step up to the plate and give us more, either through a pay-to-view TV series or a new movie!”

Quite lofty demands, that’s for certain, but not without merit. If Dredd has prompted such dedicated banner-waving, maybe those same fans will tune in? Or buy a subscription? At the moment, none of the services being targeted have responded to the petition, but you can be sure we’ll keep you posted if they do. Here’s hoping.

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