Daredevil And Deadpool Join The MCU On Spider-Man 3 Fan Poster


There are few things comic book fans enjoy more than seeing their favorite heroes interact with one another, and while the MCU has provided that in abundance, there are still a few gaps that rights issues are preventing from being filled.

A mocked up poster for Spider-Man 3 has imagined the wall-crawler’s third outing to also feature Daredevil and Deadpool. A moody silhouette of a water tower shows the three scarlet-clad heroes, with Spider-Man hanging off the side, Daredevil crouching on the edge as through it were a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop, and Deadpool perched atop the other side reminiscent of how he was positioned waiting on a bridge for the convoy of Ajax’s goons to drive below.

The poster is the creation of artist BossLogic, a frequent creator of such imagery, whose recent output includes an imagining of Johnny Depp as the Joker, Ana de Armas as both Zatanna and Poison Ivy, and Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout re-appropriated as Mario in a Super Smash Bros movie.

Although Daredevil and Deadpool are both Marvel characters, their inclusion in the official MCU is a bit up in the air at the moment, as the agreement that allowed Netflix to utilize the Man Without Fear meant that his further use is not yet allowed, while Deadpool is technically a part of Fox’s now-defunct X-Men universe so he can only turn up once it’s figured out exactly how mutants will be incorporated into the main MCU.

Having the trio of characters appear in Spider-Man 3 would certainly lead to fun interactions though, as the clash in their wildly differing personalities and attitudes towards crime fighting has a great deal of potential. Also, some comedy could be mined from the design of Deadpool’s suit having in the past led to him being mistaken for Spider-Man. In fact, it’s surprising that a joke about it has yet to crop up.