Harley Quinn EP Says Poison Ivy Romance Will Happen In Season 2

Harley Quinn

The relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy has always been speculated to have a romantic dimension, but in recent years, this has become concrete DC canon. In the mainstream books, the duo are depicted as being polyamorous lovers while the Injustice comics presented them as being a committed, married couple. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn TV series is about to follow suit, too, with it being confirmed that season 2 will explore their love story.

Showrunner Justin Halpern revealed in conversation with Geeks Worldwide that season 2 will leave Harley and Ivy “in a place where they could really and truly experience a loving relationship and make it work.” Though careful with what he said, Halpern promised that fans will not be disappointed in how their romance is portrayed in the animated show’s sophomore run.

“I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just say I think we get to the place where people want us to get to, but we do it carefully. We’re not trying to bait anyone or tease anyone. We pay off things off in a satisfying way but we want to make sure we earn it.”

Harley and Ivy’s friendship was well-explored in season 1, with their connection established as going back to when Dr. Quinzel was Pamela Isley’s psychiatrist and actually managed to get through to her. However, they didn’t embark on a relationship during the debut episodes. Halpern defended the decision to hold off on this until season 2 to GWW by saying the following:

 “We have caught a lot of heat for not having them together right away, and I get it. but our thinking was we didn’t want Harley to jump right back into another relationship when she was on a journey for self-discovery.”

This news comes at a time when fans are wondering whether we’ll ever see Harley and Ivy become an item in the DCEU, as well. Birds of Prey did reveal that Harley Quinn was bisexual, though Ivy herself was not even referenced. Margot Robbie says she’s fighting to get the character into the franchise, though. So maybe she’ll appear in whatever the next vehicle for the Clown Princess is after The Suicide Squad?