Epic Fan Poster Teases The Carnage Spinoff We’re All Dying To See


Is Cletus Kasady/Carnage a part of Venom?

It’s all but confirmed, and the question, really, is who will be playing the sinister symbiote? Riz Ahmed’s corporate shill, Carlton Drake, was the bookie’s favorite at the outset, but with rumors that Woody Harrelson (!) could be the one to bring Carnage to life, now we’re not so sure.

Whatever the outcome, we’re eagerly anticipating Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s dark and brooding spinoff, not least because it thrusts Tom Hardy into the dual role of Eddie Brock and Venom, the demonic entity that latches on to Hardy’s unsuspecting reporter when he least expects it.

It’ll also herald the beginning of Sony’s Marvel Universe (more on that later), but let’s suppose the Powers That Be issued the green light for a Carnage movie, what would that look like? Well, thanks to concept artist SyndicatePrimes, below you’ll find a suitably creepy fan poster which gives you a pretty good idea.

Cool, no? Much like last month’s edit, this particular artwork takes the building blocks of Sony’s Venom poster and warps them into something much more demonic. Gone is the inky-black symbiote attached to Tom Hardy and in its place is a blood-red villain.

Now for the million-dollar question: is Carnage a feasible avenue for Sony to explore? That largely hinges on Venom‘s box office success – or lack thereof – which is really something that can be said about the films about to follow.

Look for Venom to slither into theaters on October 5th, and when it does, it’ll signal the dawn of Sony’s Marvel Universe – a Universe that will, through time, make room for Silk, Silver & Black, Nightwatch and Morbius, which is seemingly on the verge of landing Jared Leto to play the titular blood-sucker.

Source: Instagram