New Theory Says Doctor Strange May Be Responsible For Deadpool Entering The MCU


Now that Disney has the rights to all the Marvel properties once controlled by Fox, it’s only a matter of time before Deadpool will enter the MCU. However, with the shared universe being for the most part focused on maintaining continuity, the big problem is how to explain why a character who makes so much noise has been so far invisible among the exploits of the rise of superheroes. Fortunately, his own actions have already provided a possibility that aligns with Phase Four, which a new theory has postulated.

We know there are plans to introduce the multiverse in WandaVision, although exactly how this will facilitate new additions likely won’t be seen until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Regardless, it’s already been shown that Wade’s fourth-wall obliteration somehow allows him to cross dimensions, when during his self-appointed mission to “fix the timeline,” he entered our world to kill Ryan Reynolds before he could star in the notorious misfire of Green Lantern.

The theory suggests, then, that the chaos seen in the coda of Deadpool 2 won’t be the end of it, and will continue to such an extent that Doctor Strange will be alerted to what’s going on, whereupon a brief part of the Sorcerer Supreme’s own sequel will see him put a stop to it. After the inevitable metafictional jokes about Benedict Cumberbatch, such as calling him Sherlock Holmes for being able to figure out the problem or commenting that his sonorous voice sounds like a dragon, Strange will continue on his own mission.

At the end of the film, however, when he’s dealt with the problems of larger multiverse intrusion, he’ll realize that Deadpool and his entourage of misfits are still around, with his work accidentally fusing them into the mainline MCU. This would then allow them to be a part of the world going forward, periodically dipping in and out of other heroes’ adventures across space and time battling malevolent entities, and keeping things that little bit lighter with their specific brand of weird.

As Murphy’s Multiverse explains:

WandaVision will end up opening up the MCU to the multiverse, which will be the main focus of the Doctor Strange sequel. So, Deadpool ended up screwing up his timeline so badly that Strange pulls him out, and he ends up destroying the device. He briefly is stuck with the chatty mercenary, who might even add a few jabs at Benedict Cumberbatch‘s past roles, such as asking if he should call him Sherlock.

At one point, their paths cross. At the end of the film, if Strange has fixed the multiverse tear, he fuses aspects of other dimensions into our own. He takes it easy in the Sanctum Sanctorum before suddenly hearing a familiar voice calling out to him. Yes, in his work to finally fix the multiverse, he also brought Deadpool and his gang into the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, we get a short cameo by Kevin Feige at some point regretting the addition.

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