Here’s How Kang The Conqueror Could Look When He Debuts In Ant-Man 3

Kang the Conqueror

Monday delivered some mind-blowing Marvel news, as Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors is reportedly joining the cast of Ant-Man 3 in a leading role. A role thought to be none other than Kang the Conqueror, one of the biggest Avengers enemies yet to turn up in the MCU. Given the time traveling foe’s status in the comics universe, we may well be seeing a lot more of Majors in the franchise after the Paul Rudd-starring threequel.

But right now, it’s up to fan art to give us a taste of how the actor could look as Kang. BossLogic has done his thing and created this great piece which casts Majors as the iconic supervillain. The artist has depicted his Kang as very close to the comic book character, complete with blue face, purple helmet and green cloak. “Little rendition of #jonathanmajors as Kang for today,” BL wrote in his caption.

Though BossLogic has gone with a classic design, it’s possible that Kang could appear very different in the MCU. The original report which broke the story claimed that Marvel will give him “a twist” to make him better fit into the franchise. It wasn’t specified whether this could be an alteration to his physical look or the nature of his character, but it seems fair to say it might be a bit of both.

Kang has a pretty comic book-y appearance, so you might imagine they would tone that down. But then again, Thanos was recreated very faithfully on screen. On the other hand, his out-there motivations – his love affair with Death – was written out. So, it looks like we have to pick between visual accuracy and character accuracy. Would you rather Kang look the same and have a different storyline, or vice versa?

Ant-Man 3 isn’t due to arrive until 2022, but after that, Kang could very well become a major presence in the MCU.

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