Watch: Amazing Fan Trailer Teases Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

With the end of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars has been freed to tell a galaxy’s worth of stories that don’t revolve around a handful of characters, with a fan edit imagining how a movie focused on Ahsoka Tano might end up looking.

The choice lines of dialogue, taken from episodes of the second season of Rebels where she periodically featured, deal with her guilt over abandoning Anakin when she left the Jedi Order at the end of season 5 of The Clone Wars, believing her absence to be partly responsible for his presumed death after the execution of Order 66. The action shots prominently involve the episode “The Future of the Force,” which features one of the best scenes in the entire series where she curb-stomps two of the Jedi-hunting Inquisitors and reveals just how powerful she has become over the previous 15 years, and also “Twilight of the Apprentice,” the season’s two-part finale where she finally learns of the true fate that befell her former master.

Several big stars stars have already been invoked in regards to potentially playing Ahsoka, such as Rosario Dawson and Brie Larson, but in all honesty, if anyone deserves first pass on the role it’s Ashley Eckstein, who’s voiced the character’s animated incarnations since 2008 and has been an integral part of bringing her to life.

Although The Rise of Skywalker suggested Ahsoka passed away at some point in the intervening time between Rebels’ events (which begin a few years prior to A New Hope and end concurrently with it), showrunner Dave Filoni isn’t so sure about that, meaning that there isn’t any limit to the point in history that a film could focus on her.

In any case, Ahsoka is one of the most compelling characters in the entire Star Wars saga and more of her story deserves to be told, so if Disney do decide to include her in the future, there will certainly be an audience for it.