New Video Shows How Ben Affleck Can Be De-Aged For The Batman


Late last week, Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) provided a much-needed update on the status of The Batman. While the filmmaker did address some of the more pertinent questions pertaining to his “noir-driven” feature – and the production of which – needless to say, the most pressing matter of all, whether or not Ben Affleck will be donning the cape and cowl, was left open-ended.

Initially slated to be written, directed and starring Affleck, the film may not feature the two-time Academy Award winner whatsoever in the end. After all, Big Ben did step down from helming the picture in 2017, and just last month it was reported that Reeves was looking for an actor fifteen to twenty years younger than Affleck.

Nevertheless, say what you will about the DC fandom, but there’s no denying they’re a resilient bunch. In light of some new-found hope that Affleck might still inhabit the Batcave come 2020, an undyingly loyal fanboy has come up with an ideal solution should Matt choose to have Ben reprise the role.

Twitter user @LandonOLeary posted a forty-second snippet from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in which he’s de-aged Ben Affleck. The video – which you can check out below – is actually quite impressive, and can’t help but proffer the very notion of bringing the actor back.

De-aging is nothing new to the superhero racket, of course. Marvel’s used the tool on many MCU installments, including Ant-ManCaptain America: Civil War and Captain Marvel. That said, should DC and WB decide to go that route with The Batman, it could very well turn out to be expensive, or, at the very least, extremely complicated and may not be worth the hassle.