Fan-Made Comic Strip Serves As An Epilogue To The Dark Knight Trilogy


In some parallel universe, Warner Bros. decided to carry on Christopher Nolan’s vision of Gotham City after The Dark Knight Rises concluded.

As you may remember, Bruce Wayne faked his death and passed the legacy of the Batman on to Robin John Blake. Of course, there was word on the street that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was being looked at for the next Caped Crusader at the time, but considering that the studio was all for a team-up with Superman, it’s for the best that the World’s Finest’s first meeting in live action involved Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, not the latter’s successor – who was created for an isolated trilogy.

Still, I find it hard to forget how many mock-ups of Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing were surfacing up until the time Ben Affleck was cast as the new Masked Manhunter in the summer of 2013. In fact, some still hold onto that sentiment, with this fan-made comic strip serving as a fine example of just that.

Having circulated over on Reddit, this epilogue of sorts details the rise of the Bat Family and a few new villains in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s retirement and supposed demise. What’s especially cool is that each character’s description is somewhat in keeping with their comic book origins, yet they’ve been Nolan-ized to fit in with this world.

Throughout your reading experience, you’ll be introduced to dynamic interpretations of John Blake as a hybrid of Batman and Nightwing, Helena Bertinelli/the Huntress, Damian Wayne/Robin, Harley Quinn, James Gordon Jr./Two-Face II and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

Personally, I found several of these to be quite ingenious, especially the entries pertaining to the new Batman, Robin and Two-Face II. Really, to think that someone was able to incorporate Damian Wayne into a universe you didn’t think he could fit into is quite commendable.

Tell us, are you happy with the DC Extended Universe as is, or would you rather have had the legacy of The Dark Knight continued with films depicting events similar to those seen in this comic? Sound off in the usual place below!

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