Fans Are Going Wild For Robert Pattinson’s Batman Voice

the batman

Yesterday was a big day for The Batman news, with director Matt Reeves ratcheting up the hype levels ahead of the full-length trailer debuting at tomorrow’s DC FanDome event.

As well as a brief teaser clip that allowed us to hear Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice for the first time, Reeves also debuted a brand new image of the Dark Knight surveying his kingdom, while rumors circulated that claimed to divulge the movie’s running time and some purported plot details.

Despite hearing just one sentence, fans were quick to hop onto social media and share their thoughts on how Pattinson sounds as the Caped Crusader, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

It isn’t mandatory to change up your vocal performance when playing the comic book icon, with George Clooney and Val Kilmer sounding almost exactly like Bruce Wayne when they donned the cape and cowl. Ben Affleck’s modulated tones made sense within the context of the SnyderVerse, while the debate still rages over Christian Bale doing his best Nick Nolte impression as Christopher Nolan’s nocturnal vigilante.

You know people are looking forward to something when a six-second clip is enough to stir up fervent debate, and the good news is that we’re 24 hours removed from seeing The Batman in action.