Fans are mixed on Brie Larson’s steamy kissing photo

Brie Larson

Brie Larson, known to many as Captain Marvel, recently took to Twitter to debut a super-cute photo of her and her long-term boyfriend, which has sent her legion of fans into a spiral.

Some are loving the cute couple, while others are clutching their hearts and holding back tears. While Captain Marvel hasn’t had a love story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of yet, fans are holding out hope that she and another recently-introduced hero will eventually get one.

Yet, while those fans hold out hope to see their preferred ship brought to life, Brie is definitely in no need of any help when it comes to that field, after she happily uploaded this recent photo proving she’s most certainly spoken for.

But, that didn’t stop us from getting some of the best Twitter responses to Larson’s upload, so take a look below.

Fans won’t have to wait long for more information about her solo sequel The Marvels, seeing as the Academy Award-winning star has regularly been sharing behind the scenes updates and training videos from the movie, which comes to theaters in February 2023.