Fans Can’t Decide If They Want A Spider-Woman Movie Or TV Show


Even though the project hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, most fans to have been closely following the recently-rebranded Sony’s Spider-Man Universe over the last couple of years will be aware that Olivia Wilde is heavily rumored to be directing a movie starring Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman.

The actress-turned-filmmaker even admitted as much without coming close to getting into specifics, even though inquisitive eyebrows were raised when she name-dropped Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and not Sony’s Amy Pascal in one of the rare occasions she mentioned the project out loud.

Looking at how beneficial the Spider-Man deal has been to both parties, there’s no reason why Spider-Woman wouldn’t or couldn’t be afforded the same treatment. However, as you can see from a selection of the reactions below, nobody can seem to decide if they’d rather see a feature film or Disney Plus series.

Of course, these are just responses being spitballed across the breadth of the internet, so nobody’s really taking into consideration the legal or contractual ramifications behind an eventual Spider-Woman standalone project. Then again, maybe once next month’s No Way Home is out of the way, Sony will open the information floodgates and tell us all about the non-Spidey projects being cooked up.