Disney Reportedly Considering Buying Out Sony Spider-Man Characters


There’s no denying that Disney has been trying its best to get all of the Marvel characters they can under their massive media roof. It’s far easier to plan future movies and shows with all of their intertwining storylines. With Tom Holand’s contract ending after Spider-Man: No Way Home, Disney may be backed into a corner with what to do going forward with the franchise.

It seems Disney executives have realized this and want to make a major move to make it so future problems can’t arrive. Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that Disney is currently in the exploratory phase of seeing what it might take to buy Spider-Man and all related characters from Sony.

While there is currently no word as to just how huge an offer Disney will have to make to buy the incredibly profitable franchise, but it’s likely to be quite the fortune — if Sony even agrees to sell at all. It may even be possible that beyond the rights to the Spider-Man franchise they may even attempt to simply buy the entire Sony movie division.

Back in 2019, Geekosity reported that Disney was considering a $4 to $5 billion deal to purchase Spider-Man from Sony, so we’ll have to wait and see if the number is in that ballpark or even higher.