Fans Can’t Decide Which Marvel Film Has The Best Soundtrack

Which film has your favorite?

Marvel movies are some of the most impressive film productions that cinemagoers get a chance to see today, but one factor that is often overlooked is their accompanying sound choices.

With 25 movies now released in the MCU, there is a lot of variety and while some may explicitly highlight their music choices, other films don’t put too much of a focus on them, yet they are still there and with plenty of big artists attached to them.

Recently we’ve seen impressive soundtracks crafted for the aesthetic of Marvel hits like the recent Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Right, before that Black Panther, and even way back to the MCU’s origins where AC/DC was featured in 2008’s Iron Man.

Given the variety and range of music attached to the MCU, Marvel fans have taken to Reddit to debate the age-old question of what is the greatest Marvel soundtrack to date. While answers weren’t restricted to just the MCU films, it wasn’t really a surprise that most fans cited these as boasting the best.

So tell us, which Marvel film do you think has the best soundtrack?