Fans celebrate the start of ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ shooting

The cast of the ‘Teen Wolf’ series

After many fans’ longtime pleading, Teen Wolf is finally coming back for a movie, with a lot of the original cast returning. Though some fan favorites like Arden Cho and Dylan O’Brien aren’t coming back, the movie is still exciting fans throughout the world. On March 21 Jeff Davis, the creator of the series and the movie, took to Instagram to announce the beginning of filming on the movie.

Fans, of course, took to social media to express their excitement (and even some disappointment) at the beginning of shooting. While there were mixed reactions, most seemed to be positive and ecstatic that the movie had officially started. Along with the BTS photos released by Paramount+, there was a lot for fans to celebrate.

Twitter users had #TeenWolfTheMovie as well as #TeenWolf trending yesterday with all of the fan tweets and BTS stuff posted by the official Teen Wolf and Paramount+ accounts.

Not only were fans celebrating though, many cast members posted on their own personal accounts about their own excitement regarding the project and returning to their characters. Orny Adams, who plays Coach, even posted a Tik Tok about returning.

Other cast members to post about returning to Beacon Hills included Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate), and of course Tyler Posey who plays the lead Teen Wolf himself, Scott McCall. Jeff Davis has been keeping fans updated via Instagram for the past few days, and we can only hope he continues to do so throughout filming. Fans and cast members alike are anxiously awaiting the movie to be released, but for now even filming and BTS photos are enough.