Fans Are Debating Whether Or Not Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Is A Thanksgiving Movie


Even though the parameters of the Christmas movie are pretty well established at this point, the merits of more unconventional titles like Die Hard, Batman Returns and Gremlins still find themselves being debated on an annual basis. Most people seem to be in agreement that the Christmas film needs to involve the festive season as either a backdrop or major plot point while incorporating themes of family and togetherness, but what exactly is a Thanksgiving movie?

Is it a pic where the holiday is integral to the narrative like Ike Barinholtz’ directorial debut The Oath? Does it have to specifically involve turkeys in some way like the animated Free Birds? Or the annual Macy’s parade as seen in Ben Stiller’s forgotten Tower Heist? Perhaps one single scene set around the Thanksgiving table is enough to fit the criteria, as appears to be the case with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

A comic book blockbuster that has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned holiday in the slightest with the exception of Mary Jane Watson and the Osborns coming round to eat with Peter Parker and his Aunt May, fans are now debating whether or not the beloved superhero classic can be categorized as a Thanksgiving movie, and you can check out what folks are saying on Twitter down below.


The definition of a Thanksgiving movie is very vague, and everyone probably has their own selection of titles that they fire up on annual basis that could include everything from The Addams Family to Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Spider-Man feels more like an all year round kind of thing, but folks are certainly entitled to their own opinion about what constitutes a a subgenre that’s very difficult to define in any tangible way.