Hellboy Fans Are Divided Over First Trailer For Upcoming Reboot


When the first trailer for the upcoming Hellboy reboot screened at New York Comic Con a couple of months ago, viewers seemed dazzled by David Harbour’s fresh take on the title character and the crazy world he inhabits. But now that the general public has a teaser of their own to look over, the reception isn’t quite so glowing.

Coming from Dog Soldiers and The Descent helmsman Neil Marshall, the new Hellboy was hyped up as a darker affair than the Guillermo del Toro flicks, which made this one-liner-filled teaser and its ’80s dance pop soundtrack all the more surprising. And while the footage has already drawn its share of supporters and detractors, most fans on Twitter seem utterly divided in their thoughts on next year’s release:

Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t know what to think of it, the new trailer certainly isn’t the horror show that many of us were expecting, though for we all know, it’s just a matter of misleading marketing. Early reactions to the film’s test screenings have also given us some mixed signals, with reports from November suggesting something “pretty bad,” while more recently the word was that it’s a fun movie with a strong cast.

In any case, Marshall and his team will have to work hard to fill the void left by del Toro, and as it stands, fans seem as skeptical as ever. Nonetheless, we still have several months to go before Hellboy hits theaters on April 12th, 2019, and if the trailer hasn’t made the impression that Lionsgate was hoping for, perhaps there’s still time to win over the many viewers who are currently on the fence.