Fan Are Getting Frustrated With Marvel For Not Releasing Avengers 4 Trailer


Over the past week, we’ve heard multiple convincing stories that Marvel Studios are set to unveil the Avengers 4 trailer at a special Infinity War screening in LA tomorrow. Given that there’s no obvious reason to screen this film now, the fact that the Infinity War trailer was released almost a year ago to the day and seeing as the screening ticket advises attendees to “stick around after for a very special Q&A with directors Anthony and Joe Russo,” most had figured that this seems like the perfect opportunity to do things with a bit of fanfare.

But ever since yesterday, there’s been a change of mood (and complete radio silence from Marvel), with some industry analysts pouring water on the notion of the trailer coming out this week. All this raising and dashing of hopes is really getting to fans and understandably, it’s beginning to drive them crazy with frustration.

The Express is reporting that 36,000 tweets about Avengers 4 have been posted in the last day alone, with one fan worrying: “I’m starting to believe that Marvel is just going to Beyoncé the film and release it without a title or a trailer.” That would actually be pretty cool, but sadly, I don’t think Disney works like that.

Further annoyance was sparked with the release this morning of the Artemis Fowl teaser. That film doesn’t hit cinemas until August, three months after Avengers 4. And that’s something which fans have been quick to point out.

“Kinda annoyed Disney has trailers out for movies that come out after Avengers 4… and still nothing for Avengers 4,” said one person, while another wrote: “So, Disney dropped another teaser/trailer today which isn’t for Avengers 4. I mean, really Disney. I’m getting angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

“Why do we have a trailer for Artemis Fowl which comes out in August when Avengers 4 comes out in May? Just saying, where’s the trailer?!” Tweeted someone else.

Ordinarily, I’m a pretty patient guy, but seriously Disney, where is this Avengers 4 trailer? If nothing else, I’m getting tired of writing articles wondering when it’s going to land. I’d much rather be pouring over every frame and speculating what it might mean for the finished film. Plus, waiting this long only raises the chances of it being an anticlimax.