Fans Want Gordon Ramsay To Play Chef Louis In The Little Mermaid


The Internet has not kept itself quiet when it comes to the casting decisions made for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid remake. The live-action adaptation has already endured a lot of drama this year, starting with the the potential casting of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. Just when that controversy seemed to die down, a new one sprung up after Halle Bailey was cast in the titular role. Some people were outraged by the decision, some were more overjoyed and others were just downright confused.

Suffice it to say, fans are extremely divided when it comes to the movie so far. Every casting selection or even possible casting selection is met with overwhelming pushback and praise. The good news though is that it looks like there might be a way to unite them all: let Gordon Ramsay play Chef Louis.

Plenty of users on social media have recently started campaigning for the superstar chef to portray the French cook onscreen. The move would definitely make sense, considering that the duo does have quite a lot in common. For example, they’re both notoriously ill-tempered and have a borderline unhealthy obsession with crafting the perfect meal. They also each possess a unique accent from their home countries.

Despite his short fuse, Ramsay has shown a definitive fondness for children over the course of his career. Aside from raising five of his own, the celebrity chef also hosts a show called MasterChef Junior. The 52-year-old is much more patient and kind with the child contestants than he’s ever been with anyone adult who’s dared to appear on one of his programs.

This could imply that Ramsay might be up for the task if approached by the studio. Nothing is imminent as of yet, but fans would certainly love an appearance by the meme-worthy British chef in the upcoming movie.

In any case, though a release date has yet to be officially set, The Little Mermaid is expected to swim into theaters some time in the next few years.

Source: Twitter