Fans have been comparing ‘Encanto’ to ‘Fast & Furious’

When the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise hit theaters, memes flooded social media talking about family. Dominic Toretto is a family man, he might just be THE family man, and the memes absolutely cemented that idea.

Showing Dom infiltrating several other pop culture icons in film and television, the Photoshop favorites kept us laughing for hours at a time. Dom was suddenly in your favorite scenes in everything from Disney films to Titanic — and yes, Rose, there WAS room on that door. In the latest unexpected twist, fans have recently drawn connections between the Fast franchise and the newest Disney family film, Encanto.

Encanto is making winning over viewers everywhere as the movie focuses on family and connection, so it comes as no surprise that those Dom memes are making their way into the Encanto realm.

This Tweet has to be one of our favorites, and it’s true. The real magic within both films is the magic of family.

This fan loved when Vin Diesel appeared in Encanto!

This user is recommending Encanto to fans of F&F for things other than the parts about cars.

This fan says there’s no way Dom watched Encanto with a dry eye.

There’s also a fan theory on Reddit that gets both laughs and eye rolls from other Reddit users, but it’s still hilarious.

Did you watch Encanto? Do you see the link between the movie and the Fast franchise, or are you rolling your eyes, too? Let’s talk about it.