Fans have mixed reactions to Netflix’s ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ announcement

texas chainsaw massacre

Following the announcement about and first look at Netflix’s upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a direct sequel of the Tobe Hooper-helmed 1974 classic that will see the return of Leatherface set 50 years after the events of the original, fans are having a decidedly mixed reaction to the few images and details that have been teased so far.

The sneak peek was shared on the Netflix Geeked official Twitter account Friday, immediately spurring “Leatherface” to trend on the social media site⏤unsurprising since fans of the franchise haven’t seen a fresh installment since 2017’s prequel Leatherface, which was largely disappointing to audiences and critics alike.

The new images stand firmly in the realm of “tease,” however, with the first only showing the bloodthirsty villain cast in shadow in a darkened alley and the second image being of the protagonist, Nell Hudson’s Melody, and other supporting characters. We’ve collected the images for you here to see for yourself.

For one Twitter user, the film’s casting choice taps directly into that ineffable sheen many titles on Netflix seem to share.

Another Twitter user seemed to just be annoyed at the lack of detail we’re getting on the iconic villain.

That same user went on to apparently roast the streaming service for its somewhat Hot Topic-looking villain designs of previous Netflix originals, such as their often critically-maligned live-action anime adaptations (see: Death Note‘s Ryuk).

Others were simply baffled by the idea of Leatherface keeping it low-key and leading a regular life for decades.

With all that said, there were plenty of people who were obviously stoked about the idea of a brand new Texas Chainsaw movie, not least of all because director David Blue Garcia was born on the South Texas Border, according to his website.

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is set to hit the streaming service on Feb. 18, 2022.