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Fans hoping ‘Batgirl’ goes to the big screen under new DC mandate

Barbara's DCEU appearance undoubtedly merits a theatrical release.


Warner Bros’ Batgirl movie is shaping up well. The location shoot recently wrapped in Glasgow, Scotland and everything we’ve seen so far indicates that Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon is going to make a big splash when the movie premieres later this year.

Fans are particularly excited to see Snyderverse veteran J.K. Simmons reprise the role of Jim Gordon from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, as well as the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman (which will now happen in Batgirl first now that The Flash has been delayed).

Everyone looks so good that many are pushing for Batgirl to get a theatrical release instead of simply streaming on HBO Max. There are industry rumblings that the studio was very pleased with The Batman‘s box office performance and believes a VOD release for Batgirl would be leaving money on the table. That’s been backed up by new Discovery and Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav ordering that all DC projects “should now be made with a theatrical first goal” and fan agree.

Simply ignoring any theatrical box office haul is starting to look like a mistake.

Others think that it’s a done deal:

One fan is jazzed that they’ll get a new cosplay opportunity:

Some worried that while a $70 million VOD movie might work, that’s a relatively small budget for a big-screen blockbuster.

Others are just celebrating the possibility.

Theaters have recovered faster than many expected post-lockdown so this strategy makes a good deal of sense. And while there’s an obvious convenience in watching movies at home, watching a film on a big screen in a theater certainly makes the experience more memorable.

Here’s hoping fans’ wishes come true and we get an official announcement very soon.

Batgirl will release in late 2022.

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