Fans Love Mark Ruffalo’s Sesame Street Throwback

Who better to teach the world a lesson about empathy than Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo? We assume it must take a heavy dose of putting one’s self in another person’s shoes for Bruce Banner to keep the green giant at bay, aligning closely with the character’s focus on meditation and mindfulness so as not to spark the anger that triggers the beast.

On Sesame Street Day, Nov. 10, Ruffalo shared his lesson about “empathy” on the titular kids show, attempting to teach the orange puppet Murray Monster the meaning of the word and fans absolutely loved it.

It did not take long for people to make the Avengers to Sesame Street connection, with one fan sharing an image of The Cookie Monster done up like the Hulk and surrounded by fellow Muppet avengers.

Another fan was just aflutter with the wholesomeness of the post, apparently.

In fact, a preschool teacher said she uses the video to help teach children about empathy in her classes.

Some were warning the actor that the cuteness overload could make them “a puddle of my former self.”

Another fan relayed how they also saw the clip being used in a classroom.

Many agreed that the lesson of empathy is a powerful one for adults and kids alike.

One fan even joked they were glad Ruffalo kept the green beast at bay by staying cool-headed.

Many said the clip, in which Ruffalo finally gets the lesson across to Murray by relaying a sad story about how he lost his Teddy Bear, is downright emotional.

Mark Ruffalo is a veritable fountain of wisdom, it seems, as the actor also recently shared a pretty neat date night idea.