Mark Ruffalo Wants To Make Your Date Night Memorable

Climate activist and Marvel movie superhero Mark Ruffalo wants couples to have the best date night possible — while watching Marvel movies of course.

The actor, who famously plays The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently took to Twitter to share a date night game from TikTok user Arilekhraj.

The video shows a number of fancy colored envelopes and someone picking one. Once they open it (a yellow one) there’s a movie and some food ideas. This particular one is Iron Man. The food ideas are cheeseburgers, Ray’s Pizza, and Jello Arc Reactor.

Take a look below.

People are loving the post, with many asking Ruffalo to drop his own TikTok account for the whole world to see. There are also a number of fun gifs of Robert Downey Jr. in character as Iron Man in the comments.

Ruffalo doesn’t just post cute games related to his movies, however. He’s also a staunch advocate for climate change. The actor recently used his Twitter account to warn people in Northern Ireland about fracking.

“Friends & climate activists in Northern Ireland – your gov’t is on the verge of approving petroleum licensing policy that will open the door to fracking & drilling. Your leaders are failing you,” he said. “Take action to stop this before it’s too late! Once licensing starts – drilling & fracking in NI will be unstoppable.”

This doesn’t mean that it’s either Marvel stuff or climate stuff on the actor’s social media. He recently celebrated National Cat Day with a post about a feline companion.

So are Mark Ruffalo‘s dating tips on the money? Let us know in the comments!