The Internet Is Losing It Over Keanu Reeves’ New Girlfriend

John Wick 3

We all want Keanu Reeves to succeed. The legendary actor and renowned good guy has been through his fair share of tragedies in his life, all while constantly doing awesome things that make us love him even more. If there’s one dude in Hollywood that deserves to be happy, it’s him. That’s why the Internet went wild this week when the 55-year-old attended a public event with his alleged girlfriend.

The notoriously private performer showed up with artist Alexandra Grant and it was pretty clear to everyone in attendance that they definitely had chemistry. The duo was seen holding hands and staring lovingly at one another for extended periods of time, causing all of our hearts to immediately melt.

As shocking as this revelation was for fans, it was also met with an outpouring of support. People couldn’t be more overjoyed to see that the John Wick actor was finally finding happiness in the arms of a lover. It’s even more awesome that the woman he’s dating is actually age appropriate, unlike many other A-listers who like to date girls who are likely still on their parents’ health insurance (looking at you Leonardo DiCaprio and Dennis Quaid).

It’s unknown exactly how long Reeves and Grant have been seeing each other, but it seems like they’ve at least been friends for a while. After all, they worked together on the books Ode to Happiness and Shadows, as well as launching a small company together called X Artists’ Books back in 2017. There are also multiple pictures of the two of them on Grant’s Instagram account, including one where they’re looking rather romantically at one another.

Though nothing is official as of yet, it definitely feels like love is in the air. And in a world that’s currently so divided, it’s nice that everyone can come together and agree that we’re all happy for Keanu Reeves.