Marvel Fans Want Old Man Steve To Take Over Stan Lee’s MCU Cameos


While Avengers: Endgame served as a rousing finale to Marvel Studios’ 22-film Infinity Saga, one couldn’t help but feel a small moment of sorrow when Stan Lee’s final cameo flashed before our eyes. The legendary comic book creator passed away last November, having shot a few extra scenes a couple of years prior. Now that co-director Joe Russo has confirmed the cameos are over, fans are pushing for Chris Evans’ old man Steve Rogers to take up the mantle.

Having appeared in all 22 MCU films since Iron Man in 2008, as well as nearly every other Marvel property – from Fox’s X-Men movies to Disney’s animated series and even the Netflix shows – it’s going take a while to get used to not seeing Smilin’ Stan pop up for a quippy one-liner. Over the years, some have argued that Lee’s cameos took them out of the cinematic experience, but those people obviously hate joy. Waiting in anticipation to see exactly where Stan “The Man” would pop up was all a part of the fun.

That being said, I think seeing a digitally aged-up Chris Evans pop up in The Eternals or Black Panther 2 would be a little more distracting. Not only that, but considering the fact that Phase Four is expected to delve deeper into both the multiverse and the cosmic pockets of the MCU, it’s hard to see how Cap could fit in.

Also, now that the actor’s time with Marvel Studios has come to a proper end, I can’t image Evans would be interested in donning such extensive makeup for a few seconds of screen time, even if it’d be a fun job and an easy paycheck.

But who am I to rain on everyone’s parade? Despite being a controversial conclusion to Captain America’s storyline, Old Man Steve was one of my favorite aspects of Avengers: Endgame (along with Stan Lee‘s fitting cameo of course). Here’s hoping we at least see him pop up for a few quick scenes in the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier. After all, it sounds like Evans isn’t quite finished with the character just yet.

Source: Screen Rant

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