Spider-Man Will Be The Face Of The MCU’s Multiverse Moving Forward


The second trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home finally arrived this morning and, unlike the first one that left us scratching our heads as to how it could fit in with the overarching MCU story, it makes it clear how the sequel will follow on from Avengers: Endgame.

For one, it’s going to introduce the concept of a multiverse of Earths to the franchise. Yes, as you surely saw, the footage showed us Nick Fury hijacking Peter Parker’s European vacation to enlist his help with a new top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. In some kind of underground bunker, Fury introduces Spidey to Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio, who says he could use someone like the wallcrawler “on my world.” Fury explains that Beck is “from Earth, not just ours. The Snap tore a hole in our dimension.” Peter then excitedly enquires: “You’re saying there’s a multiverse.”

The idea of there being many dimensions with different laws of physics has been established in the MCU since 2016’s Doctor Strange, but this trailer is the first time that the movies have discussed the Many Worlds concept that’s such a major part of the comic book universe.

What’s also interesting is that apparently, Spidey’s going to be the face of this Multiverse as the MCU moves into Phase 4. According to industry tipster Daniel RPK:

Peter/Spidey will be the new face of this whole multiverse moving forward (if Marvel re-sign their contract with Sony that is but they will that seems to be the plan).

That’s certainly exciting to hear, but the trailer also reveals a fascinating new detail about the film’s interpretation of Mysterio, that being that he’s apparently a hero from another Earth who’s slipped through a crack in reality and ended up in the prime Marvel universe (Marvel Database labels the MCU’s reality as Earth-19999). Presumably, that’s where the Elemental creatures laying waste to Europe also come from.

Mysterio’s origins likewise confirm a long-running theory, that Thanos’ Snap – or perhaps Hulk or Tony’s follow-up snaps – broke reality, letting new characters into the main universe. Fans came up with this as a way to explain how the X-Men and the Fantastic Four could appear in the franchise after the Disney-Fox merger, but it remains to be seen whether Marvel runs with that idea or not.

In any case, it sounds like Spider-Man: Far From Home is going to be even more of a must-see movie for Marvel fans than we thought and we can’t wait for it to swing into cinemas on July 2nd.