Fans may have figured out the secret hidden in the title of ‘Nope’

Steven Yeun Nope

Whichever way you cut it, Nope is a great title for a movie. The Super Bowl trailer has blown everyone away with its eerie UFO vibes, sense of the surreal, and dark humor. But what else would you expect from Jordan Peele? His previous two movies have contained many unexpected developments, and Nope seems to be no exception: it’s a safe bet that whatever’s happening on this ranch isn’t merely an alien visitation.

But one mystery may have already been solved. Fans think the title may secretly be an acronym:

Responses indicate that ‘Nope’ meaning ‘Not Of Planet Earth’ is blowing fans’ minds, and it would be extremely on-brand of Peele to sneak a hidden message in the actual title of the movie. However, if the theory does prove accurate, I don’t think it’s some huge revelation. After all, the trailer is full of UFO imagery, scenes that hint at alien abduction, and creepy monsters.

Despite all that, I’m confident that this won’t simply be a movie about aliens terrorizing people. Peele has built a career on defying audience expectations, and if Nope follows in the footsteps of Get Out and Us, we’ll be staring at the screen in slack-jawed surprise.

I’m half hoping we’ll get another trailer in the run-up to release giving us a couple more hints about where the story is going, but I’d also be happy for this to be all we see of the film before its July 22 release date. More on Nope as we hear it.

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