Fans Notice Hilarious Connection Between Stranger Things And Black Widow


Fans have noticed a hilarious connection between the fourth season of Stranger Things and Marvel’s Black Widow that’s going to deprive you of your good sleep tonight.

Yesterday, Netflix released a teaser which confirmed that everyone’s favorite Hawkins police chief is very much alive and currently incarcerated in a Soviet prison. While we previously had some solid hints that Jim Hopper wasn’t really dead, fans still freaked out over the surprise announcement, though some were quick to point out an interesting connection between Netflix’s upcoming season of the original series and a certain MCU character who’s set to make his debut in Black Widow on May 1st.

Entertainment news outlet Fandom recently posted a tweet, suggesting that Jim Hopper could eventually become the MCU’s Red Guardian if the police chief doesn’t find a way to get out of the USSR. Fans couldn’t help but agree, noting that this was also the first thing they thought of when they saw the character again. Granted, the conflicting timelines don’t quite add up, but David Harbour’s Jim Hopper still has a long way to go in order to resemble the Red Guardian as seen in Black Widow‘s promotional trailers.

Check out the tweet below:

While the theory is obviously just for laughs, it wouldn’t be completely strange to suggest that either of the production teams could hide an Easter Egg for fans to find, but until we get to watch them for ourselves, this is only wishful thinking.

At any rate, it’ll be a while before we see David Harbour return to portray the rigid and caring police chief in the upcoming season of Stranger Things, though for his fans, the actor will be back in just a couple of months to steal your hearts all over again by bringing the bristly Red Guardian to life on the big screen.