Fans Pay Tribute To Robin Williams On What Would’ve Been His 69th Birthday

Robin Williams

The acting career of Robin Williams spans several decades and dozens upon dozens of films. His first calling, however, was making people smile. Beginning his career as a stand-up comedian, Williams took all he’d learned to the big screen, where he gave heartfelt performance after heartfelt performance, solidifying his legacy as one of modern cinema’s most recognizable and beloved faces.

On August 11th, 2014, Williams’ body was found in his home in Paradise Cay, California. The cause of death was ruled suicide by hanging. According to authorities, no drugs or alcohol were involved in the killing, and friends and family members of the actor have since named his long-lasting depression as the foremost cause of his untimely end. He was 63 when he passed.

The dissonance between the circumstances of Williams’ death and the way he lived his life are tremendous. As critics and relatives alike have pointed out, however, there are traces of pain and suffering to be found beneath even his most erratically gleeful performances. Aside from that, Williams had been taking serious matters to combat his depression during the months leading up to his death. As such, it came as a tremendous shock to everyone when he passed away and today, on what would’ve been his 69th birthday, fans are paying tribute.

Robin Williams

Some of Williams’ most famous roles include nanny-in-disguise Daniel Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire, therapist and life coach Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting and, of course, the Genie of Disney’s Aladdin. His performances for many of these roles were so iconic, so idiosyncratically him, that directors of the films he worked on often rewrote the script to accommodate for his ad-libbing.

Robin Williams further distinguished himself from other actors in the way he used his body. Like voice or facial expressions, his limbs were an equally viable tool for communicating thoughts and feelings. Many of his performances, therefore, feature extensive choreography that went on to inspire the likes of Jim Carrey as well as other comedians.

As always, he was, is and will be dearly missed.

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