From Hook To Aladdin: Remembering Our Favorite Robin Williams Movies


The tragic passing of Robin Williams is still reverberating around the world, with the initial shock dissolving to a placid acceptance. It has forced the film community to take stock of a career that no one was ready to say goodbye to. Many people grew up on Williams’ films, with his many celebrated roles providing comfort, humor, sincerity, and humanity. He left a mark on every film he participated in, and elevated both the character and the movie with his charisma and personality.

Williams is remembered most as a comedian, but his acting abilities transcended any one category. His range was phenomenal, and throughout his career he showcased the human experience in all its forms. Here at We Got This Covered, he was a constant in our film-watching experience. Some of our favorite movies of the past few decades have had Williams at their center, and his death has deeply saddened us all.

To remember and celebrate his incredible life, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Robin Williams movies (though we also made a few exceptions for TV appearances). This collection of work demonstrates not only his gift as an entertainer and actor, but how much of an impact he had on his audience.

These roles, and Robin Williams the person, will not soon be forgotten.