Fans Rally Behind Shaun Of The Dead As One Of The Essential Horror Movies


Shaun of the Dead received a lot of love from fans on Twitter Wednesday when Netflix UK and Ireland’s official social media account asked fans which three horror movies they would keep out of a long list.

Netflix explained in a subsequent Tweet that all the titles in their post were available on Netflix UK/IE, leading some to ridicule the collation as hardly definitive in terms of “all time best horror movies.”

But as you can see in Twitter user @frazzlethom’s defense of the list, Shaun of the Dead is popping up regularly as many people’s desert island pick, driving a trend for the title on the social media platform.

For our money, we can firmly get behind Shaun of the Dead making the top three, as it’s not only a great mixture of genres and one of the best zombie movies ever made, it also represents perhaps the best ever film by director Edgar Wright even to this day.

Others had the same sentiment, evidently, whether their list was wall-to-wall horror-comedy or a mixture of serious and comedic horror films.

Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg even got in on the fun via the Twitter account that is moderated on the actor’s behalf, writing “I had to nip back to Twitter and check I wasn’t dead,” in response to the film trending.

And of course, many fans got behind other, non-Cornetto Trilogy spooky titles, which we can’t say are unfounded defenses, especially for Mike Flanagan’s chilling limited series Haunting on Hill House.

Indeed, many of Flanagan’s works were lauded as fans’ top picks.

Does Shaun of the Dead make your desert island horror film list?